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Brandon University

About BU
BU Vision/Mission Statement
Aletheuontes de en Agape – Speaking the truth in love

We promote excellence in teaching, research, creation and scholarship. We educate our students so that they can make a meaningful difference as engaged citizens and leaders. We defend academic freedom and responsibility. We create and disseminate new knowledge. We embrace cultural diversity and are particularly committed to the education of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people. We share our expertise and resources with the greater community.

What We Value
Personalized education
Excellence in teaching and research
Creativity, performance and innovation
Environmental sustainability
Intellectual integrity
Ethical practices
Students, faculty, staff
Collegial environment and accountable governance
Open access coupled with the resources necessaryfor student success
Recognizing and celebrating cultural diversity
Our strong tradition of liberal education
Academic freedom and its responsibilities
Community engagement and partnerships
Operational sustainability