A Brief History of Time

The Manitoba Regional Advanced Network (MRnet) was founded in 1995 as an incorporated not-for-profit consortium of organizations dedicated to the development and advancement of research and education (R&E) based high-speed networking and network applications.

MRnet receives in-kind contributions and annual fees from its members as well as funding provided by the Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research, Industry and Education (CANARIE, also a not-for-profit corporation supported by its members, project partners, and Industry Canada) and from the Province of Manitoba.

MRnet offers a reliable, high-speed communications network to its member institutions with no costs associated with the amount of traffic generated by an institution

MRnet Role and Mandate

MRnet is Manitoba's Regional Advanced Research and Education Network.

MRnet provides a very-high-speed, fiber optic network linking its research and education members to the world's R&E networks.

The MRnet network is provided to support research, education and advanced application development among Manitoba research, education and industry organizations.

MRnet is an incorporated not for profit organization supported by membership fees, federal funding from CANARIE, in kind support from the University of Manitoba and funding from the Province of Manitoba.

Membership Information Benefits

• Low Cost Access to an Extensive State-of-the-art Broadband R&E Network within Manitoba.
• Access to the CANARIE R&E Network and other Regional/International R&E Networks
• Opportunity to Demonstrate and Promote New Products & Service Concepts
• Opportunity for Information Sharing & Collaboration with Researchers and Industry Leaders
Membership is open to any organization involved in research and applications development or teaching relating to high performance networks. These include;

• Companies (for-profit and not-for-profit)
• Educational institutions
• Health institutions
• Government R&D agencies

MRnet offers its members access to a province-wide, high speed test network for research and technical evaluation purposes. The MRnet network can accommodate a wide variety of broadband applications, including high quality videoconferencing, video distribution, real-time collaborative workgroups, and high speed data transfers.

MRnet Acceptable Use and Routing Policy

Within the broader goal to advance the development of the digital economy in Manitoba and Canada, MRnet network infrastructure and services are provided to support research, education, advanced application development and associated usage by Manitoba research, education, government, and industry organizations.
The MRnet Network can be used for any legal purpose in support of this goal, so long as it does not interfere with or adversely affect the operation of the MRnet or CANARIE Networks or any network user, as may be determined by MRnet and/or CANARIE.
MRnet reserves the right, through its governance processes, to modify this AUP from time to time.

To join MRnet, or ask more detailed questions, contact us at:

Gerry Miller
Executive Director MRnet Phone: 204.224.4988 Mobile: 204.612.6149 ed@mrnet.mb.ca

MRnet and the NREN

MRnet is a member of the national Research and Education Network ( NREN ) in Canada. This body is a confederation of R & E networks in each province and territory in the country along with CANARIE that provides connectivity in the regions, between regions and internationally. It is used by all post-secondary institutions and centres of research and also by K-12 in some areas. The NREN is essential to research and education efforts in all areas of the nation.